Domain Names

Unnathi offers a wide range of domain name TLDs including .com, .net, .org, .in,, .edu and 52 other TLDs. The domain names are provided in the name of the customer for a period of 1/2/3 years.


Web Hosting:

Unnathi offers website hosting on the servers owned and maintained by Unnathi. The web hosting service comes with wide range of packages for a flexibility across the industries. Customer can opt for a Web hosting package as per his requirement.

Avail Email hosting for unlimited email IDs of yours, freely with any web hosting Packages.


Web Designing:

Customers can get their website designed from expert engineers in web designing. The websites designed by Unnathi are global compliant with W3 standards. Websites are built with php5 technology and designed with Web 2.0 appearance standards. Customers can opt for wide range of templates and skins pre developed to suit their requirement.


Website Maintenance Contracts:

Customers can also opt for Annual Maintenance contracts fo their websites, where they can avail the maintenance related services, such as Email accounts creation/modifications, Acocunt usage statistics, and other control panel access done by Unnathi.


Website Modifications and Updates:

Unnathi also undertakes the modification / updates to the websites to its customers. Customers can provide the details of changes to be made, which will be undertaken and delivered to them in minimum possible time.


Renewals of Web-Hosting and Domain names:

Unnathi cares on renewal of Website hosting and Domain names of the customers with timely reminders.

Note: Domain names, once expired may not be availble for renewal after deletion period.